My Wilsons Travel

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

While here in Tampa for my in-laws 50th Anniversary, my family decided to visit The Florida Aquarium along with my niece and sister-in-law!

I must say this was an awesome little aquarium to checkout.  We went through the whole thing in just abut 3 hours. One of my kids’ favorite things was at the very beginning, where there is a large water pit with piles of crushed shells that you could dig through and search for shark’s teeth, stingray bones, and other fossils.  They really loved this and everyone found at least ONE shark’s tooth!  Just be for-warned that they could get pretty wet!  I bought a shirt from the gift shop because my son got soaked trying to reach down and scoop out shells. They absolutely loved it though and they were so excited when they found a tooth!

There’s always some cool activity to watch or listen to.  We were lucky to be right there when they brought out an African Penguin! My son is OBSESSED with penguins and this really was also one of his highlights.

Another highlight, of course, are the SHARKS! Besides the ocean animals, there were also birds, snakes, frogs, owls, turtles, etc.  Lots of Florida wild life to check out.  The otters were the cutest!  I think maybe they might be my favorite animal now.

We were here on a weekday, so it wasn’t crowded at all.  The only downer for me was NO DOLPHINS!  Florida and no dolphins?  Seemed strange.  But, its still a pretty awesome aquarium and a good activity to get kids away from screens and have fun learning!

I would definitely recommend the Florida Aquarium if in the Tampa Bay area!

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